Program 8

Sunday 25th November 2018, 18:00

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Closing feature. Total runtime 60 min.

Pennie Key will be present for Q&A, with Lola Clavo on skype.


Lola Clavo

60 min / 2018 / UK / World premiere 

Pennie is a documentary portrait of Pennie Key, a 29yo art student from Athens living in London and working in the sex industry. The film follows Pennie through her daily life for a period of approximately one year and is structured in a way that every scene reveals a new facet of the character, like opening a window to a new view. In doing that, the film challenges preconceived notions and ideas regarding femininity, sexuality and sex work. Pennie is queerness in its essence. She is able to fluidly move through gender roles, stereotypes and sexuality in the most natural way, even when being part of an industry that moves strongly in the opposite direction.