Programme for the 2018 edition 

All screenings will take place at Close-Up Film Centre, 97 Sclater street, London, E1 6RH

The screenings are free to attend and can be booked through links below. 

Thursday 22nd November 2018

Program 1

Thursday 22nd November 2018, 18:00 

Jorge Jacome - Flores 

Graeme Arnfield - Shouting at the Ground

Christina Chalmers - Notes on Capture 

Anthony Svatek - .TV 


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Program 2

Thursday 22nd November 2018, 20:00 

Morgan Quaintance - Another Decade 

Ed Webb-Ingall - We Have Rather Been Invaded

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Friday 23rd November 2018

Program 3

Friday 23rd November 2018, 18:00 

Liliana Piskorska - Public Displays of Affection

Marian Mayland - A Bar on Majorca

Stephanie Lagarde - Deployments

Juliane Jaschnow and Stefanie Schroeder - The Effect of Cannonry on Storm Clouds

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Program 4

Friday 23rd November 2018, 20:30 

Rita Macedo - This Particular Nowhere

Michelle Williams Gamaker - House of Women

Sophie Lee - I found manna and I ate it 

Zachary Epcar - Life After Love 

Jaakko Pallasvuo - Heterosexual Love Story

Jesse McLean - See a Dog Hear a Dog

Jamie Jenkinson - We don't know how we don't know where 


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Saturday 24th November 2018

Program 5

Saturday 24th November 2018, 17:00

Beny Wagner - Outside

Ana Hatherly - Diga-me, o Que é a Ciência? – I

Ana Hatherly - Diga-me, o Que é a Ciência? – II

Max Goran - Filming dad's ass while he's chopping logs with his chainsaw 

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Program 6

Saturday 24th November 2018, 19:00

Karen Russo - TET-stadt

Andres Padilla Domene - Ciudad Maya

Elham Rokni - The Seven Abdulrakims

Ilaria Lupo - Nocturne for Pit Orchestra  

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Sunday 25th November 2018

Program 7

Sunday 25th November 2018, 16:00

Marcos Serafim, Jefferson Kielwagen & Steevens Simeon - Gede Vizion

Sky Hopinka - Dislocation Blues

Rafael Guendelman Hales - Two radishes in the family are too much

Bernhard Hetzenauer - La sombra de un dios - A God’s Shadow

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Program 8: Pennie

Sunday 25th November 2016, 18:00

Lola Clavo - Pennie 

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